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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Closing Day

It looks like it might finally be happening. HUD threw their last monkey wrench or two at the process, and we managed to get past them. The paralegals goofed a time or two, but it's been corrected (we hope!) Virtually everything that can go wrong to delay this process has already gone wrong and been fixed. We're supposed to close on the new house this morning. Well, it'll take probably well into the afternoon before it's all done, because I have this annoying habit of actually reading and trying to understand the things I sign. Drives people nuts -- but if something is legally enforceable on me, or if I sign my name to something giving my word, I at least like to know what it is. But barring any final problems, by the end of the day, we should be partial owners (the bank having the lion's share) of our first home.


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