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Monday, December 03, 2007

Popping in

Just a quick update to say we're all still alive here. It's been a crazy week or two; a man in our church's brother passed away last week, former head pastor Gibbs' wife had a series of minor strokes and is in the hospital, and we had a guest speaker, among other things. I'll try to post an observation or anecdote or three one of these days, if things quiet down here a bit.

I guess the big news (and the reason I ain't makin' no promises about when I'll be posting those updates and anecdotes) is that we have a tentative closing date on the house we're looking to purchase. We hope to close this Friday, and if not that day, then early next week. Of course, this means that we've been chasing paperwork around the area, and it means that we've got to pack -- and the new place needs a little work before we can actually move in. Nothing major, just lots of time-consuming details. I'm also working to finish scheduling our missions conference this February, arranging summer camp for the teens, and finishing the detail work for our church's Christmas banquet this Saturday. So, we're alive, but we're living on the run.


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