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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Brother coming to town

As it turns out, my brother did not get the job at the Pender Post. Only time will tell how that decision plays out for both parties. Paul has, however, decided to move down here to Pender County and help out at Bible Baptist Church. It seems that his current long-range goal is to head into evangelism; in the mean time and as he takes the first steps down the road to full-time itinerant work, he'd like to be involved in a good, active, soul-winning church that shares the bulk of his convictions.

Fortunately, the job market here seems to be terrific as we head toward the holidays -- he shouldn't have any trouble at all finding work (and given his past job experiences, I expect that even if a place hires him seasonally, they won't want to let him go at the end of the season if they can help it). With us likely moving soon to a place with considerably more space than our current abode, he may stay with us for a month or two in exchange for helping to fix the place up; that should give him plenty of time to seek affordable housing.

I'm looking forward to his arrival, as are some of the church folk (I even know of one or two who have been praying for months that he would decide to come here); there's always plenty to do for a reliable fellow who knows his Bible, has some music training, and doesn't mind working.


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