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Thursday, October 04, 2007

A nice gesture

Some time back, one of our bus crews discovered what appeared to be a gemstone in a parking lot while out visiting their riders. After much speculation and analysis, it was determined that it wasn't really a diamond or a white sapphire, but merely cubic zirconium. It is nonetheless a beautiful stone, measuring about 3.5 carats.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... Sorry, I looked at my av picture and thought I was in a western. Anyhow, it happens that my wife's wedding bands don't fit her too well during the summer here -- the heat makes her hands swell a bit. So we'd gotten her a plain, inexpensive band until we could afford something better for the summers. When she saw this stone, although she generally doesn't like large rings, she commented off-hand that if it weren't terribly valuable, she'd buy it from the fellow who actually found it (and planned to donate whatever it sold for to the bus ministry). As it turned out, the wholesale value of the stone was about $5. She figured on maybe putting it into an inexpensive setting and combining it with the inexpensive band we'd bought -- it would look very nice that way.

The group got to talking, and decided it wouldn't do to make her pay for it after all the work she puts into the children here (and she's not paid a dime for it, nor am I paid extra because of the activity of my wife -- she does it just like any ordinary church member would). And they didn't want to just give her a rock. So they went out and had it set in a ring, and gave it to her. It's lovely, and a lovely gesture from some men who recognize the work and caring she's put into those children. I love my church.


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