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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bus? Bah!

It was a pretty wild week here at Bible Baptist last week. Along with the two deaths in the church, when Sunday morning rolled around, our new bus still wasn't working. A little plastic lip missing on a piece of a filter housing was allowing air into the fuel and fuel to leak. The men had to run that route using a van and an SUV. I'm beginning to think that bus breakdowns may be a leading cause of pastor breakdowns!

This past Sunday was also my wife's last week teaching the junior church; next week is a transition, and the following week one of our newer families will take over that as my wife moves to a Wednesday night children's class. My wife was praying that she would get to see at least one child saved on her last day. When she finished her lesson, five came forward to be saved. If you believe in spiritual warfare, it shouldn't surprise you that a ministry in which we are seeing such results is having strange mechanical problems. For all the effort and money we've put into getting and keeping the buses running, I don't think we've had a single week since I became head pastor in which two buses worked properly on the same week -- it's always some flukey thing that keeps one of them off the road or makes it break down. But over that time span, I've lost track of how many children who rode in on the bus (or van, or car, or whatever we had to use to bring those who want to come -- we're considering a horse and buggy team at the moment) have trusted Christ and made decisions to live for Him.

Two girls that made professions of faith during the week on visitation also rode a bus to attend Sunday morning, and a couple who came for the first time last week joined the church Sunday morning. They joined the choir Sunday night and said they plan to be here every time the doors are open -- they should be here tonight for soul-winning visitation.

I have preached hard the last two weeks about faith, commitment, and revival. I've been praying for it, and I believe we will see it, and we may already be reaping some of the first fruits.


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