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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New bus

Well, the bus troubles aren't exactly over yet. But we do now have a new (to us) bus parked at the church, titled and tagged in our name, and seemingly running fine. The fellow we are purchasing it from has so far been a delight to do business with. He agreed as part of the bargaining to put a set of rear tires on the bus and change a valve; since he was leaving town for several days, and we needed a bus quickly badly, he gave us the title so we can use the bus until he returns -- without taking any of our money until the work is done on the bus. In a move that frees us up to address either the need for another working bus or to move much more quickly to get the van we need, my mother donated the money for the purchase of this vehicle in memory of my father, David Robelen. This should allow us to at least keep bringing the children we have, as we work toward another operational vehicle.

Speaking of vehicles and operating, the bus that broke down after its engine replacement is back at the shop. The owner of the shop (also the father of my old editor at the Pender Post) has agreed to get the bus running without additional expense to us. (A good thing -- the engine replacement had already run $1,700, and the mechanical guys here at the church weren't impressed by the work that had been done for the price.) It sounds like the bus will still need some work, but it's things the men here can handle, from what they're saying. Thus, hopefully within the next week or two, we'll have two working buses. We're waiting to act on purchasing another bus or moving forward on getting a good van until we see how things will play out with this bus.


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