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Monday, July 30, 2007

Still rolling

Well, the van is still rolling anyhow. And one of the buses managed the trip to and from Wallace yesterday. Along with the promotion we ran, that meant we had at least 45 children come via the bus (not counting adults who rode). We really need two reasonably reliable buses, preferably three, along with a good van, if we're going to see the ministry continue to grow.

And then someone points out, if we bring in many more, we'll need to find someplace to put them -- several of the Sunday School classes are practically at capacity, and they had to set up extra chairs for children's church yesterday. But hey, these are good problems, right? Having so many people who want to come you're not sure how to get them all there, and then having so many here, we're trying to find room for them all.

Funny thing is, adult attendance has been down a little the last couple of weeks. The Lord continues giving fruit to our soul-winning efforts, though; we saw six professions of faith this past week.


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