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Friday, July 06, 2007

Boss chairs don't get sat in enough


I've been the head pastor here at Bible Baptist Church for most of a week now, and it feels like a mere decade. It's been good, but man, it's been busy.

We just finished a revival with Ron Williams of the Hephzibah House (a home for troubled girls) in Indiana. He holds some unique viewpoints, even a few I don't think I agree with, at least not completely. But he's remarkably intelligent and is a passionate and gifted speaker. He spoke powerfully in every service, and we saw many decisions made. He spoke on the subject of the family, and some of what he said re-enforced things I've said in my Sunday School series on the same subject, while others paved the way for difficult things I have yet to say.

In other news, fully seven people made professions of faith during visitation last night -- praise the Lord!

I got called to the hospital last night after I got back from visitation; we thought a 95-year-old lady in the church was about to pass away, but she pulled through and seems to be doing better today.

The church van has holes in at least two tires (one being the spare); I was hoping they would hold up until we could buy a new van, but now I'm trying to figure that out. And the bus we had in for brake work turns out to probably have a cracked head gasket. *sighs* I'm off to check into the repair on that.

Not doing too much sitting in the boss's chair twiddling my thumbs, that's for sure!


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