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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

They keep rolling in

We continue to see people making professions of faith here, as we continue to witness. Last Friday in the jail, Pastor Gibbs had three make professions of faith. (The rascal gave me the wrong guy in the nine-man cell -- he got the one that needed to be saved, and I got the one who needed to deal with assurance and security! *grins*)

Then on Sunday, after a new church member taught children's church as a guest speaker (his family joined the church a few weeks ago, and he'd like to work with the children's ministry), my wife got to lead two girls to the Lord. One was a church girl, and the other was a bus kid. I'm thankful for my wife's discernment; two others had said they wanted to make the same decision, but talking with them, she realized that they simply didn't understand yet.

We're not interested in notching belts here. There have been a number of folk that we could have led or pushed into a quick prayer, but that would have been irresponsible and pointless, if the people didn't understand. We're interested in life-changing decisions, and that only happens when a person understands and consciously decides to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of life-changing decisions, we're hoping to see more fruit from those who have made professions of faith in the last couple of weeks. We're not seeing much yet. Until you see people start to make decisions that reflect a walk with Jesus Christ, it's a lot harder to tell if they really meant that profession.


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