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Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day visit

I've not posted on this as much over the last several days as I had been. My apologies, but things haven't actually slowed down all THAT much since I left the newspaper.

My mother and one brother and sister came to visit us over the Father's Day weekend (with Dad no longer with us, they decided to come down here rather than spending the weekend alone up in VA). We had a delightful, though too-short, visit; I couldn't leave all the church responsibilities behind just because they were here.

I'm afraid we rather put my brother to work while he was here; he wound up hanging some airplanes my dad had made from our ceilings and playing general handyman around the house, even fixing my wife's nice mixer (now she can go back to making deserts!)

We also had him play the piano and teach children's church and had my sister sing for the morning service.

My wife and I are going on a church missions trip to West Virginia this week, so when my family headed out, they took our daughter and collie dog with them. We'll re-acquire the two of them when we come back at the end of this week.

This will be the longest time we've been away from our daughter in the five years since she was born. My wife is having a strangely hard time with that.


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