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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soaking wet, freezing cold, bone-weary -- man, that was fun!

We're back now from our brief mission trip to West Virginia. As it turns out, West Virginia at night (or on an overcast day while soaking wet) is considerably cooler than Burgaw, North Carolina, this time of year. Strangely, that fact scarcely occured to my wife or me while we were packing.

But that's okay. We had a safe trip going and coming, saw one girl make a profession of faith and hundreds of tracts distributed. We had a good time of fellowship with the people of the church we visited in West Virginia.

On Friday, we went whitewater rafting on the lower New River -- what a blast! We went through class four rapids, and we had a great time. Even my wife, who was threatening to kill me for bringing her, assuming she survived the trip, came out of there with one of the biggest grins I've ever seen on her and called her parents to tell them that they have GOT to try doing that with us.

I may post a couple of pics in the next few days if I get them and get the chance. Tomorrow is Pastor Carl Gibbs' last Sunday as pastor of Bible Baptist Church, so we're having a fellowship and special services in his honor. It's a rotten day for me to be so worn out that I can hardly see or walk straight, so I've got to get some rest for tonight along with finishing up preparations for the morning.


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