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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Bringing new life out of dying

We are excited to see the Lord still at work here at Bible Baptist Church. Sunday morning, a young Mexican man came forward after the service and made a profession of faith -- the second young Spanish-speaker named Fernando to receive Christ here in the last few months. We had enough Spanish-only and bilingual folk to pack out a pew Sunday.

But that's not all from this past weekend. Remember that fellow from the church who was taken into the hospital Saturday non-responsive, due to cancer spreading to his brain? Well, it turns out that after he recovered from his seizure and was able to communicate again, he led his wife's cousin to the Lord at his bedside. If that man's profession of faith was genuine, this cancer, terrible though it is, not only turned one man's life around -- it also enabled him to reach another with the gospel.


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