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Friday, September 28, 2007

Not keeping up

Whew, how the time flies. My apologies for going over a week without a post.

Last Sunday, the services went quite well with Evangelist Kwame Selver from the Bahamas. He also went with me to a preachers' fellowship on Monday. I like Brother Selver, even if he does make me look short. (Okay, that doesn't take much, but he sure doesn't help!)

When I went to drop him off at the airport for a rental car, it turned out that it would have cost him in the vicinity of $300-$400 for a two-day, one-way rental (you know, before any of the gas expense of the drive!). Ridiculous. He ended up flying out the next day, then taking a train -- and probably still spent a fair bit less.

We continue to try to get three reasonably reliable buses in operation -- one was supposed to be dropped off this morning for us to check out, but I haven't seen it yet. The fellow who was to bring it is the same guy we bought the other one from. He still doesn't have his money (and, to be fair, hasn't pressed for it) because the valve he promised to fix is still making noise. If we buy this new one from him as well, that's well over $6,000 of money we're holding for him -- I'd be hurrying a little more!

We have quietly been looking at places to purchase to get out of the rent-trap, in which your money goes entirely to someone else instead of largely to the bank for interest and a little bit to equity. Our best shot looks like it fell through, but that's probably just as well. What's not just as well is that we also got notice that our rent is going up if we sign another year-long contract, and it's going up more if we stay on, but don't sign the contract. We've been thoroughly disgusted with our dealings with Laney Real Estate, so we're probably going to accelerate looking for a place to buy (preferably not from them!), in order to get as far from their generally incompetent influence as possible. And now I must go turn off a radio broadcast -- I'll try to post again soon to continue with the catching up.


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