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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Buses galore!

Well, it feels like we've got buses galore, anyhow. After struggling to keep one on the road for months, having three in reasonably working order feels like a surfeit.

We finally got the second bus from the fellow we're buying from, swiftly checked it out, and now have it titled and insured. For the first time since I took over, we should have two pretty good buses on the road Sunday morning. Of course, this past Sunday, we sent out two, but one got a flat, so we had to scramble the van out there to ferry the kids in off the bus. Fortunately, the bus was near the end of its route. Now, with three buses, we have an alternate if something goes wrong with one of the others.

Now we've also got two buses that aren't working right now -- one in the shop having the engine rebuilt, and the other that's been sitting here giving up its parts to keep the others working. We'll have to settle on what to do with those -- three buses is enough, but five truly is too many at the moment.


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