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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou (working)?

My youngest brother came in for a couple days at the end of last week and stayed with us. He's wrapping up his responsibilities where he's currently at, and looking for the next place to be. Since there's a job opening at the Pender Post, where I used to work (basically my old job), at my recommendation, he came down and interviewed for that. I think he could potentially be a real asset to the paper; although he doesn't have newspaper experience, his grammar skills are good, and he's a responsible, hard worker who can learn what people are willing to teach him -- and those qualities are really more important than any amount of experience. A person doesn't have to be a brilliant writer to work for a newspaper -- they just need to be able to collect information from a variety of sources, condense it intelligently, and communicate it comprehensibly. Creativity and brilliance are a plus, but they're worthless without a work ethic, basic intelligence, and decent character -- and they're next to worthless without good grammar.

But I've got an ulterior motive in hoping my brother ends up here, beyond hoping my old paper is successful -- I'd also love to have him here to work in the church. People with Bible college education, intelligence, diligence, and willingness to work (not to mention musical ability and training) are in all-too-short supply. He could potentially be a real asset to the church for as long as he elects to stay, and the church could possibly be a great place for him to launch off on his next step.

The interview with the paper went okay, from what I gather, and he also collected applications from a variety of other places around town. We'll just have to see what comes of it all. While he was here, we went with the editor of the paper to a fly-in at a local airport -- I'll have to post again later with some of the neatness from that.


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