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Monday, October 29, 2007

What? They don't take the U.N. seriously?

A few days ago, I noticed this article. Basically, it says that Iran, led by Muslim radicals who decisively support terrorism and promote the destruction of U.S. ally Israel and call the U.S. the devil, officially sneers at the U.N. resolutions passed because of Iran's continued work toward becoming a nuclear power. Huh. Didn't see that one coming at all.

Oh, wait. That's exactly what we all knew would happen (well, all of us with a smidgeon of sense, anyhow) when the U.N. allowed Iraq to casually disregard resolutions and act in blatant disregard for the ceasefire that ended the first Iraq war. When, instead of enforcing their own resolutions, key U.N. nations chose to criticize the United States for removing Iraq's ruthless, terrorist-supporting, genocide-enacting, chemical-weapon-using thug of a dictator, the U.N. sacrificed the right to have the world take its punitive resolutions seriously.

Fortunately, when Iraq broke the ceasefire that allowed Hussein to remain in power, obstructed U.N. weapons inspectors, and flaunted U.N. resolutions that promised action, there were still some countries that had the will to do something about it. The United States and its allies chose to put their money, their militaries, and the lives of their soldiers where the U.N. put its mouth. After all, what's the point of resolutions and ceasefires if no one will enforce them?

And that's what Iran has realized. The United States, with its large-spread public rejection of finishing the job in Iraq, has made it clear that many in this country have no more stomach for war. And if our military won't back the resolutions of the U.N., why should anyone take them seriously? Can we really see France or Germany invading Iran to eliminate a regime with nuclear weapons that could destabilize a region or be used to obliterate entire cities in the free world? I'd laugh if it weren't so pathetic and terrible. If the U.N. loses the ability or the will to enforce its resolutions against rogue nations with terrorist regimes, it loses whatever dubious power it had as a stabilizing force for this planet. It looks to me as if Iran figures that's already happened.

And so, I guess congratulations are in order for those who have made so much noise opposing the war in Iraq -- it looks likely to me that they will win at some point in the near future, and the U.S. will withdraw its troops (more on that another time) before they can finish the job we sent them to do. The grand prize for Iraq-war-opponents winning their war against victory? A world in which terrorist regimes can do whatever they want in preparation for the prosecution of the war they have declared on freedom, because they know no one will guard the ceasefires and enforce the resolutions.


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