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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Still house-less

We're not homeless, exactly -- we still have a place to live, since we've not been kicked out of the house we're renting. But sadly, we haven't been able to close on the house we're trying to buy yet. We've done all we can, and as far as anyone knows, there's no reason we shouldn't be able to close -- it just hasn't happened yet. Right now, we're waiting on the lender. In theory, we should hear something definite from them early next week, and then it should only be a two-day wait on HUD before we can close. We'll see -- there's no realistic reason on our end why this shouldn't have closed three or four weeks ago.

In the meantime, another older lady in our church passed away this week. We had her funeral yesterday afternoon. It seemed to go very well, and although not all the family was terribly thrilled by the gospel emphasis in the service, the family who was closest to her (they attend this church, as did she) was thrilled by it and are emphatic that it is exactly what this lady wanted.

In other news, my wife managed to locate a hole in the back yard with her foot this morning. Unfortunately, her foot apparently decided it wanted to stay with the hole when the rest of her tried to leave, so she's down with a sprained ankle -- we're hoping it's not serious.

In a move suggested by Evangelist Kwame Selver when he was here, we've started a Bible study, run by my brother, in a nearby apartment complex. It seems to be going well -- in its first week, three showed up, and a boy made a profession of faith. This week, in its second week, there were eight, of whom two said they decided to ask Christ to save them. Perhaps I'll post some more about the Bible study and the reasoning behind it down the road, maybe when I come back to comment on pastors and age.


At 1:05 AM, Blogger Mary Robinette said...

Good luck with the house stuff. That's not pleasant to have hanging over your head.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Minister said...

Thanks! Yeah, you'd know all about housing difficulties; at least we're not doing this cross-country.


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