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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Rippin' to Raleigh

Okay, I won't exactly be ripping. I'll be struggling along at 50 mph, because my car usually only makes 2nd gear.

But I will be going to Raleigh tomorrow, it looks like.

One of our commissioners, George Brown, is headed up there to get some information about redistricting, since our dear Representative Thomas Wright still has not withdrawn the bill to redistrict the county, although the county asked him to more than a week ago.

Unlike the last commissioner who went up there to get a map, this one has told all the other commissioners (albeit with short notice, due to trying to beat this bill through the house, if necessary), the press, and has spoken with key community members on both sides of the current dispute.

At this point, I may be the only person heading up there with him, but that still makes for far more openness and progress than we've had on this issue so far.


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