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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Principal pig kissin'

As I promised earlier, now that the paper has had its shot at the principal kissing the pig for the fundraiser, here's a few pictures. This is Principal Robbie Cauley of Pender High School; he is smoochin' the porky for a fundraiser for the Spanish club, which is trying to send kids on a trip to Puerto Rico. I think they're even going to try to bring most of them back.

Here's the guy bringing in the pig. I think he's really wishing it were him that is going to get to kiss that cute little pink snout.

No hesitation here -- actually, I think the pig looks more concerned than the principal.

I guess somebody forgot to put the flavored lipstick on that pig.
Fortunately, the principal seems to be a pretty good sport. I'm still wondering if he'll pay me to take these down, though.


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