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Friday, February 02, 2007

Holding its breath

The whole county seems to be holding its breath for Monday.

We had a job shadow at the Pender Post today, and she could hardly have picked a more boring day to come.

The commissioners meet on Monday, and it seems like everybody who cares about anything in the county is either getting ready or waiting to see what happens. We know that it's going to be a big meeting -- most of our real news this week will likely come from it.

So our poor job shadow (a pleasant, mature ninth grader from Pender Early College High School who wants to be a surgeon/journalist) got to watch us basically do prep work. Call people who don't answer their phones or don't call back. Call people who don't know what will happen until Monday. Call people who say to wait till Monday.

I had a call lined up with the director of elections for this morning; he's a great contact, very helpful, full of information for election neanderthals like myself, and he chats quite nicely. He was supposed to get some up-to-date voter registration information based on the new districts (I'm curious about whether the new plan actually produces a minority district or not -- I'm thinking it might not, either technically, or practically, when we look at census estimates for 2005 instead of 2000.) Other people wanted to talk to him too -- a TV news crew was on their way over, and another had already talked to him. A competing print journalist was waiting outside to talk to him when he got off the phone with me. I thought this would be a great conversation for our job shadow.

But it turns out that the data isn't available. Doesn't exist in a useful form. So we talked a few generalities, and that was that. Poor shadow. Hope she's good at holding her breath -- that's what the rest of us are doing.


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