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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Solution to the second threshold

In a previous post, I mentioned that we were reaching a couple of thresholds in our bus ministry. On the one route, we had too many kids for the two bus workers to handle. But on the other route, we had too many kids for the van to carry. The workers on that route were having to pick up the first load, drop them off at church with someone to watch them, and go back out again for another load. The church owns two more buses, but neither is mechanically capable of making the runs.

The problem with the first route seems to have been solved by these two new members (my wife will make the run this week, since they won't be ready to start until next Sunday). Now we've learned that the challenge on the second route may have been solved as well. An individual (not in the church, as far as I know) has donated a used engine that fits one of the broken down buses. Three of the men in the church plan to pull the engine out of its current vehicle and get it into the bus within the next couple of weeks. They plan to go today to pick up the engine.

Anyone who reads this and has been praying about this matter, thank you. God hasn't done much sea-parting lately -- but sometimes, a bus part can be just as important.


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