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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Car sabotage

Not that I think anyone has sabotaged my car -- it seems more likely that it is trying to sabotage our life.

A couple months ago, I had it in the shop because it wouldn't shift into overdrive. The mechanic, father of my editor, replaced a gadget, and it worked just fine -- until just before I needed to go pick my wife and daughter up at the airport Monday night (I probably forgot to mention that they were gone; that's for another post.)

I had it in today to have him look at it -- he says it's the same gizmo, and to bring it back tomorrow when he has the part, and he'll fix it. Very nice, but that's hours both days I both could have and should have been working. Not to mention the extra drive time for the last week and a half, because the car won't go into overdrive. See, this sabotage has a ripple effect -- it not only holds me up, it delays every person who gets stuck driving behind me on a two-lane road. I would sympathize with them, but when they finally go roaring past, something about their expression just says that they would not appreciate it.


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