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Thursday, January 04, 2007

An appointment for eternity

On visitation tonight, I visited the brother of a man who recently accepted Jesus Christ and joined the church, along with his family.

This brother and his family visited the church once and were very positive about it, but we haven't seen much of them since, so tonight I went out there with another church member. They invited us in, and we sat down to talk. After I answered a question or two for him, he told me up front that he isn't a Christian and wanted to hear more about it. I went through what the Bible says about how to have a relationship with God and asked him if he wanted to make that decision tonight.

The problem is, while we were talking, he had a child on the borderline between toddler and infant (really adorable kid, actually) tearing around the place wanting to chat or play. The man said that he understood what I was saying, and he wants to get saved, but he wanted to set aside a time when he could devote his complete attention to what I was saying, and he asked if I could come back tomorrow or over the weekend.

I asked if Saturday would work. (I usually work for the newspaper pretty much all day and night on Fridays, but if that was the only time to meet him, I would have taken any time off necessary.) He said Saturday would be fine. I asked when would be a good time, and he said he didn't know what was going on that day, but it didn't matter -- this was more important than anything else, just set a time, and he'd be there. So I'm meeting with him and his girlfriend (might be fiancee) Saturday at noon.

We all have an appointment with eternity. Hopefully, after Saturday, he'll be ready for his, whenever it might be.


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