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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Next Column Up

My second column at Haruah went up today, running in their sidenotes section.

This column, titled "The Principal Thing" deals with the answer to a major question: What is the most important character trait for me to possess?

We spent some time this afternoon (after helping pass the church bulletin torch to my wife's successor) with our good friends Jason and Barbara Bross. Our daughter had a great time playing with their son and with the neighbor's daughters, while we adults watched baseball and chatted. Quite the diverse housefull we had there; My wife and I are Independent Baptists; Jay is an atheist, his wife is an Italian born atheist, and the neighbor is an Egyptian born Muslim. We talked about Mormonism, just to round things off. We also tried to talk the Bross family into moving down the NC with us. Still working on that one.


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