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Friday, January 05, 2007

Variety in the newspaper business

This is one of the things I love about my job -- it's different every week, and often wildly different every day.

Wednesday, I was listening to the North Carolina Symphony play Tchaikovsky. Thursday, I interviewed a local high school basketball player. Today, I went to take pictures of the antlers of the deer that won the "Biggest Buck" competition held by a local hardware store, then I visited a teacher and English class that have written a book of writing prompts for use in schools. Oh, I interviewed a high school wrestler too. Then there were the calls to the county attorney about a redistricting lawsuit and to the winner of a $60,000 award for a local school. Tonight, I need to check to see if the professional boxer I wrote the article on last week, Donnell Holmes, won his fight tonight. (If he wins this one, he figures he's probably one more win away from a world title fight; his current record is 24-0-2 professionally. He's a cool guy who grew up locally.)

People complain about the pressure and stress of writing for a newspaper, but at least it's not boring!


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