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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Can't blog fast enough!

With the two jobs and family to keep track of, I'm realizing that I just can't post fast enough to keep up with what's going on. Here's the briefs: (I'm going to refrain from making the obvious jokes here. Please applaud my strength of character. Thank you.)

Yesterday, we went with a few people from our church to help a fellow we support who is planting a church in a nearby town. My wife, daughter, and I went along to help hand out tracts. With the BEAUTIFUL weather and good company, everything went pretty well. Ray Kennedy, pastor of the church we were helping, actually led five people to the Lord over the course of the morning.

Following the tract distribution, we all went down to Fort Fisher. They were having tours, gun firings (by "gun" I also mean "really big mounted cannon"), and whatnot. Very neat. If I can figure out how to put up pics here, I'll have to post a cool one or two.

Today, we made the announcement to the church that pastor is retiring in July. You should have heard the silence. People took it pretty much in stride, I think, though that might have been shock. He's been here 18 years, has seen the church grow from about 20 to last week's 130 (and even bigger for a while). Under his leadership, the church has completed a new building, added a radio ministry, bus ministry, prison ministry, and jail ministry. The food pantry may also be his doing. Along with the announcement, we had an estimated 160 people in church today, the highest I've seen, I think. Three came forward to join the church (this is after two were baptized into church membership last week). My wife had the largest crowd she's yet seen in children's church as well.

Whew. That just scratches the surface. But I've gotta get back to working on my message for tonight.


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