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Monday, February 12, 2007

Finding friends

We've been trying to cancel our cell phone from NY -- we're getting slammed with overages and roaming charges or some such every month. But I wanted to contact everyone for whom that was the only way to get in touch with us before we cancelled it. So I went through it and called people over the last couple weeks (we knew more people than I realized!)

It's been a real blessing. There were some disappointments; one friend has been kind of keeping track of a bunch of us who went to school together, and while the word on some of the college guys was great, the word on others, particularly some of the "high profile" preacher boys, was pretty saddening.

I got back in touch with old college friends, old ministry friends, and old family friends. There's still a few I'd like to speak to in person instead of just leaving a message, but the task is done.

Along the way, I thought of a person or two I'd lost track of and wanted to see how they were doing. One was Mike Harrigan, who worked with me at the Bill Rice Ranch for two summers. We met again our freshman year at Pensacola Christian College; since neither of us had many pre-made freshman friends, we joined a collegian together and had a great time.

Eventually, he moved off-campus, we both got girlfriends, and we kind of lost touch. Well, I looked him up, and after embarassing myself by called his dad (who, with the same name, pastor's in Mike's hometown), I got in touch with Mike.

Turns out he has planted a church in New Mexico. It was terrific talking with him. I'd like to get out there and see him, his family, and his work sometime, but even if I don't, at least I know that he's faithfully plugging away, doing desperately needed work.


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