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Monday, February 12, 2007

Some Mexican Azucar

Actually, it's Shuerger, not Sugar, and they're in Mexico, not from Mexico.

But in my rampage of reconnection with old friends, I called Jon up. He's in Zacatecas, Mexico, planting a church there.

Along with touching base with old friends, I was hoping Jon could help me find some Spanish-language discipleship material. There's a man in my church from the Zacatecas area, and we've been trying to start up a Spanish ministry built around him. But he's only been saved for a couple years himself, and he's not comfortable teaching on his own yet (and my Spanish isn't even close to good enough).

Anyhow, Jon has given me some information about a couple of good programs. I also put him in touch with Mike Harrigan; it seems that the Shuergers drive right through Harrigan's town sometimes when they're in the U.S., and Mike had mentioned to me that he was having a tough time getting missionaries out that way, especially for his missions conference. Funny bit of coincidence, that.


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