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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Good day for tracts

Saturday was cold. Well, cold for here, anyhow. We've got nothing on our friends from Michigan.

I had a couple of things to cover for the newspaper and didn't go along (normally I don't work much for the paper on Saturdays, instead going on bus visitation, preparing for Sunday's message, etc., but last weekend one of our other guys was out of town, I only had to teach once on Sunday because of a missionary, and there was a lot going on around the county), but some folk from our church joined Ray Kennedy again in handing out tracts for the church he is planting up in Warsaw. The fellow who led them tells me they had about a half dozen professions of faith -- praise the Lord!

Another man who had apparently already been saved but has been struggling with drugs and alcohol told them he will start going to the church's new addiction recovery program.


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