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Monday, April 09, 2007

Sunday and Monday down, Tuesday and following to go

Church went well yesterday for Easter. We had a solid crowd, although due to some folk out for medical and travel reasons, we actually had more last Sunday, which I think is a bit funny. Sunday is always grueling, and although it is a joy, it's definitely hard work.

Today was a Monday. That meant a 13+ hour day at the paper (rather short for a Monday, really), in this case, playing catchup from being gone on vacation all last week, as well as trying to get ahead. I think we may have gotten a scoop or two with some help from our new advertising guy. I ended up writing four short articles today, along with doing the (brief) crime reports. (Apparently, many criminals take Easter week off too -- crime was unusually low last week.)

It looks like my job is pretty desirable, and not just to me. I think at last count, the editor had 14 or 15 applications for my position.

Anyhow, tomorrow, I'm off to pick up a rental with a gentleman from our church (which has been tremendously gracious in all of this). Then it's up to VA for a viewing tomorrow evening and a funeral on Wednesday morning. Then we'll play it by ear for our return.


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