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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Survived the torture

The commissioners are finally done with their 3-day retreat. It only took them 386 years to finish. (That last number is the "time factor." It's like the chill factor -- how long it felt like, a figure strongly influenced by the amount of boredom involved.)

I'm going to have to tell the newspaper folk that I need to cut back a bit. This is three consecutive weeks I've worked solidly over 40 hours for the paper, and it's just too much. This week, I go back to my regular teaching and choir schedule for the church, and there's no way I can keep balancing both without sacrificing my family or my already-declining health. (Sanity would be a third possible sacrifice, but I gave that up years ago, the cost of getting through seminary with a wife, a church ministry, a job, and good grades.)

I'll try to post some more info on that Wright situation when I get the chance, and I've got some pretty cool pics from Moores Creek on Saturday to put up here when I get the time too.

My dad isn't doing too terribly well. He still can't swallow, and it's possible more nerve damage was done in his throat by this operation. There's talk of a feeding tube through his abdomen, I guess, but they want to run some tests and wait a bit first, I think. Those of you who are of the praying sort, he can still use your prayers.


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