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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Rescue mission ministry

March 2nd

Tuesday night we went back to the Goodwill rescue mission in Newark, NJ. The gentleman who usually preaches was not there, so Dr. Stagno got to preach. We took a good group, including a couple of ordinary church members who went for the first time, my wife, and daughter. It was cold here Tuesday night (okay, frigid is probaby a better word), and that meant a good crowd at the mission. Nobody wants to be on the streets when it's that cold.

I played the piano, except for one song for which they brought in their in-house guy -- he doesn't read music well enough to play any variety, but he sure tore the keyboard up on that one. Dr. Stagno preached, and this is a format in which he excells. He preached with real power, and you could sense the working of the Spirit. A number of people came forward on the invitation, and Paul Funchess got to lead one to the Lord. Terrific evening.


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