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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Getting back in shape can...

February 28th

...really hurt.

Over Christmas, I caught myself needing to take out an extra notch in my belt. Not good. A couple of months off from wrestling and running was taking its toll. Then I went back to wrestling practice a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't last more than a full-length match against a high school kid (tough kid, but still!)

So I've gotten serious about getting back in shape. My part-time job at the bookstore is back to being actually part-time (as opposed to Christmas time, which means "all the time you possibly have, plus another two hours.") A gentleman in the church with a couple of teen sons is also taking some time off of work, so he and I have started running together (occassionally with one or more of his sons). Those first couple of runs, rather like that those first couple of wrestling practices, were pretty painful. The good news is that you always get it back faster and easier than you gained it in the first place. I'm already starting to feel pretty good on the runs, and wrestling shape can't be too far off either. The offseason program starts back up this week, with freestyle on Tuesdays and Greco-Roman on Thursdays. I plan to try to make both as often as I can, which, coupled with the running, should put me back in shape in just a few weeks. I still don't know about trying to go to the Empire State Games again this year, but if I do, I've got to get in shape. And even if I don't, it's a lot more fun being in shape than not.

Another great benefit of this new running program with the man in the church is that I've been able to build something of a connection with him. We talk while we run (okay, for the first mile or so, until we're gasping for breath too hard to communicate). He's become much more consistent in attending church, and he's even planning to come with us to the rescue mission in Newark tonight. I'd love it if we can really get him involved in the church and draw his kids in as well.


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