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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bigger and Better

February 28th

Sunday afternoon, we had our Bigger and Better youth activity for the church. Coming into it, I was afraid we weren't going to have any kids, maybe four or so tops. Kind of discouraging. But when the time came to start the event, there were ten kids there! They included at least one first-time visitor. Just a hair on the low side of average for our youth activities, but still very pleasing. We actually had to scramble to get a third vehicle so that we had enough cars for the kids.

The idea of the activity is that the kids are split up into teams, and placed into a car with an adult driver (a very responsible, mature adult driver!) Each team is given a toothpick. They then take the toothpick and trade it for something bigger and better. Then repeat with that item. The team to return before the deadline with the biggest and best item wins. They can trade with anyone they like, family, friend, stranger, business, whatever.

I should have known better than to let one team go out with a pickup truck while the others just had a car and a minivan. Paul Funchess' team returned with a working washing machine. Another team had been offered a working dryer, but couldn't fit it into their vehicle. I guess it's no surprise that the washing machine won. If we go by and pick up that dryer, the church will then own a complete set for the parsonage, in case we take ours with us when we leave.


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