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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Caroling and football

December 20th, 2005

We went Christmas caroling with the church folk Sunday evening. Although turnout was low, those who came had a good time, and I think we were a real blessing to those whom we visited. There are some wonderful people in our church who just aren't able to get out much anymore (two were just out of the hospital within the last week), and you could really see that they appreciated us coming to them. The cookies, provided by Joy, were as terrific as usual.

On a different note, I was thrilled by the performance of the New York Giants on Saturday. Well, most of the Giants. But they played a tough team, and did it without some of their top players. And they won convincingly. A lot of the credit has to go to Tiki Barber (Anna's favorite player, though she's hardly alone in that), who broke 4 team records and tied a 5th over the course of his 220 yards rushing (and that's not counting his yards as a receiver!) Barring a meltdown, they should make the playoffs, maybe even with a first-round bye. And barring an Eli Manning meltdown or more injuries, they have just about as good a chance of making it to the Super Bowl as anyone in the NFC. The last couple of years were rough ones for a Giants/Mets fan, but this season has pretty much already surpassed most people's expectations for the Giants. Now for the Mets. But I'm not holding my breath for them.


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