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Thursday, March 02, 2006

First real snow

December 4th, 2005

We had our first real snow overnight last night. It was only about an inch or two that stuck, but it announced as clearly as the bone-freezing wind yesterday did that winter is really here. The snow means that I got to dash out before breakfast and frantically shovel the church steps, the church sidewalk, and our sidewalk, among other miscellany. Whew. I forgot how much I didn't miss that about winter here.

The snow also meant that attendance was rather low this morning, but it was still higher than our expectations. Not too bad, considering the weather.

Anna attended another birthday party this afternoon, this time at the home of a church family with a son a little younger than her. This meant intermittant watching of the Giants game with the rest of extended family who were around for the party (they're all Giants fans, some of them far more avid than I am) on their huge screen TV. Anna had fun, as did the other kids present, and Wenonah wound up being pressed into "adult assembly required" duty for some of the gifts. It's becoming a pattern when we go to parties at this family's house. We guys might have felt more ashamed if we hadn't been so busy watching football and eating. (Of course, I jest, at least a little; but Wenonah really did assemble toys again, since she's pretty handy at it. She actually reads the directions -- for some reason this seems to work for her, on a general basis.)


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