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Thursday, March 02, 2006

NaNo update and a Liberty Hall win

November 5th, 2005

Up to about 7,350 words now, and I still haven't quite settled on a title or a genre. That means I'm on track to finish, but not very far ahead. I had hoped to average a solid 2,000 words a day or so, but I've been a little shy of that (you have to write 1667 words a day, I think, to finish right on time.)

On an even more positive note, for me at least, I finally won in the voting for best story at Liberty Hall! My first win in twenty-some-odd flashes. I placed second once (lost by one vote, I think), but this is my first win. Hardly resounding; this time, I think I only won by one vote. But I'll take a win any way it comes. Not that this voting really means much; I don't get a cash prize, or publication anywhere, or anything. All it means is that my writing peers who voted on the stories, or a least enough of them to put me ahead of any of the other stories, thought that mine was the best this week. But that little bit of validation is always nice. And it means I got to pick the trigger for the currantly running challenge. Hehe.

Now, back to work! What Greek kind of thing am I going to tell those people tomorrow anyhow?


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