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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Old and creaky

October 4th, 2005

Whew! It's amazing how fast you can get out of good shape. I went to the wrestling room tonight for the first time since the Lehigh camp. I've been running with some consistency, and occassionally do calisthenics and physical labor. So I shouldn't be in too bad shape. Hah! I'm not in bad shape, but I was reminded once again that wrestling shape is like no other shape. I don't think I came out looking too bad; I mostly trompled on the kids I wrestled. But they were high school kids, it was just for a few minutes of live wrestling, and man, I was feeling it by the time we stopped. I did most of the conditioning stuff (more than any of the other coaches, I guess), but it was still a little depressing how far I've slipped since the Empire State Games. Only consolation is that it's always easier to get back in condition than it is to get there the first time. Ya'll pray for me, now.


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