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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shows what I know!

September 26th, 2005

Another football post easily skipped by those who don't care about football.

Well, how 'bout them Giants? I was 'bout as wrong as can be. Strahan played; not all that well, but he did play. Eli Manning didn't just play well -- he played phenominally. He's gotten better every game he's played, but I don't think he could have played all that much better than he did last night. And the Giants still lost. Tiki Barber practically got shut down (by his standards, anyhow), while Tomlinson from the Chargers ran roughshod (pretty literally) all over the Giants' defense. Seemed like he couldn't be stopped. Absolutely amazing. I've thought that Tiki is probably the single most under-rated running back (shucks, player) in the NFL. Couldn't see why all the fuss about Tomlinson, when Tiki outperformed him in yards from scrimmage (they're both a terrific threat both on the ground and receiving), and when Tomlinson did almost nothing the first two games of this season. Well, now I see why. Admittedly, Tomlinson had great blocking going for him; maybe the best blocking in the league, last night at least. But his moves were spellbinding. The Chargers have a tough schedule coming up. I don't know if they can beat the Patriots and the Steelers. I don't even know that they'd beat the Giants in a second meeting, especially if they played in the Giants' home stadium. But if they play the rest of the season like they played last night, look out NFL.

Oh, well. Shows what I know about predicting the future, especially of football games. My only consolation is that a lot of the experts are only 50-50 or so this season so far; I think I'm two and one. Anyhow, I've said for years that one of the best reasons to trust the Bible is the fulfilled prophecies -- goodness knows the rest of us can't tell the future!


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