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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Issue Is Out in the Open!

August 27th, 2005

BackHome Magazine's website is now updated to include the new issue. My article ("Afraid to Homeschool") appears in the issue on the homepage of the magazine, the September/October issue. The article isn't available to read online, but the magazine's website, should anyone want to swing by, is

Having seen the issue, I'm generally impressed by the content, layout, and photos. It's a pretty good quality publication for a first article to appear in. They don't pay top rates, but they do pay reasonably (especially since a lot of new writers have to break in by writing for free to get their first several clips!), and the editor was pretty good to work with. All in all, a good experience, and I'll probably be pitching another article to them within the next several weeks.


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