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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Water Games Day (and blowing a fuse)

August 14th, 2005

Splash! Our water games day for the teens yesterday went over pretty well. With the ones who like violent, strenuous activity, anyhow. In other words, the guys loved it and the girls mostly just tolerated it. Fortunately, it was certainly hot enough. Record setting hot -- 99 degrees in Manhattan, and 102 in Newark (we tend to be somewhere in between the temp of those two places). We had a solid turnout (10 kids, several of whom are returnees from our South Baptist Challenge, and one of whom made a profession of faith at that event). We played games like water balloon war (based on dodgeball), water balloon soccer (okay, so you didn't have to kick the balloon -- but at least there was a goalie), and human bowling. After the event itself, I played basketball with some of the guys who came. I took on a varsity player for a large local high school, and proved that I'm not too old yet -- I could still take him to the hoop or shoot on him outside. Like I said, all the guys had a lot of fun, and most of the girls had a good time too.

This morning, we were only five or ten minutes into the morning service when the fuse at the church blew. It set off the fire alarm, and meant that we finished the morning service old style -- no light but what the stained glass let in. Losing the A/C was worse than losing the lights. My outdoor thermometer read 101 degrees when we left the service. Pastor was nice and cut his sermon a little short, and aside from losing the electricity, all went pretty well. Looks like we'll be looking for an electrician, though.

The question and answer time went pretty well, really. No big surprises, and it was nice to have a couple of questions that I already had answers prepared for. So far, my theory that most of us wonder about pretty much the same things is holding up; nobody asked anything I haven't wondered about myself until I settled it, or asked someone else myself. Can't say I'm surprised that we didn't get it done today. Round two of "Stump the Chump," next week, right here! Don't change the channel.


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