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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Summer heat

*Note: the pics referenced in this and other past blog entries are still up on my msn space, also called Minister's Study.*

August 6th, 2005

So, we're thinking about moving back down to Florida, just because it's gotta be cooler there. Okay, probably not. But it sure feels like it on days like today and the last few we've had.

I'm taking a break from church work to post some pics from our vacation in Virginia. I'm carefully refraining from posting some really nice ones of scenery and wildlife from Asateague and Chincoteague. I hope to use at least some of those for a travel article on camping at Asateague, and I suspect editors would get grouchy about them having been posted for public access online. If anyone wants some, I can email them; I got some pretty good pics of the wild ponies, deer, the beach, and some sunset/scenery pics. After I finish the sorting and prewriting process, I may come back through and post some of the good ones from those that aren't as likely to be needed for an article.

I'd love to send the article in to the AAA travel mag; it would be a feather so big my cap would fall off if it were published there (I think the pics and my observations are good enough to cut it, if they'd even consider a story by a writer they've never seen before). But they don't take E-queries, and their turnaround time on queries is slower than I'd like. The RCI mag is another really good pro market, but it doesn't seem like as good a fit for them. So I'll likely wind up shopping it somewhere about a step down from those top pro markets.

Note the picture of Anna with the small bass. I'd been holding that rod with bait in the water for quite some time, and nothing was biting. So I handed the rod to Anna to hold while I rigged my spare rod to try something else. And naturally, the bass latched on while she was holding it. I had to reel it in for her, but she was the one holding the rod when the fish was hooked. This wouldn't bother me if the same thing hadn't happened when I handed my mother-in-law a rod to hold while I worked on something else too. Something fishy is going on here. I'd be terribly depressed if I hadn't caught the only big catfish of the day.

Incidentally, the Animal Receiving Facility finally sent someone out to pick up that dog yesterday. I hope either his owner or someone a little more responsible picks him up. Poor old guy.

Well, my lesson on the Disciples of Christ awaits me. We're up to Pentecost now, and it's been really exciting to watch the Lord take some fairly ordinary guys and turn them into the men who would change the world. Enjoy the pics, and if anyone wants these or others emailed, feel free to comment here or email me.


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