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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's a crab eats crab world up here!

August 14th, 2005

Okay, so the check from BackHome Magazine would have more than covered dinner last night if I weren't a good tipper. Still, it was worth more than the extra bit that meal cost to see Anna dealing with her first crab and lobster still in their shells. The food at Dock's, although pricier than we would normally eat, is consistently good, and they didn't disappoint us this time either.

We got crabs to start with, but crabby Anna didn't want anything to do with them. I guess it didn't help much that I terrorized her briefly with one of the claws. What are dads for, right? But once I got her to taste some, she went nuts over them. She tore into those crabs like she was a natural predator for them. She probably ate as much crab as I did. Makes me wonder if someone's been feeding them to her for a while secretly. It would explain some things; you are what you eat, you know.... By the time she was done with the crabs, the lobster barely fazed her.

We got the contributor copies of the magazine in the mail, and I'm pretty pleased. They didn't change much about the article (just my subtitle, I think). Looking at the article and at the check, it looks like they paid me $10 more than the minimum we agreed upon. It's not pro rates, but I'm pretty pleased by the look and content of the magazine, the editor has been pleasant and generally prompt to deal with, and it seems like a good place to get a few clips. I've asked them if they do work on assignment; if so, I wouldn't mind doing a few more articles for them to get the experience under my belt.

Looking at the time here, I think I'll have to tell ya'll about the youth activity, the wrestling clinic with the world silver medalist, my thoughts on Nightline's program the other night, and my latest book review later. I'd say tomorrow, but it's really later today.


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