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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Review: Ice Princess (spoiler alert!)

August 7th, 2005

We checked out Ice Princess last night and watched it together. Actually, we've watched it twice. That should say something about the quality of the movie. We'll almost certainly purchase it one of these days. Not perfect, but it was clean and enjoyable. You could tell it was a Disney production, with the sloppy tossing around of physics lingo, what sure looked like the dramatic overstatement of the cutthroat realm of competitive figure skating, and the DisneyPop soundtrack. But for all that, there were a lot of positive elements to the story. Cheaters face repercussions, and not necessarily the ones they expected. Your relationship with your parents is important. Don't put unreasonable pressure on your kids to succeed for your vicarious pleasure. It's possible to have a balance between academics and athletics in a kid's life, and both can be important, to different degrees for different kids. Hey, I can live with those messages.

The gist of the story is that a bright girl who skates for fun decides to study figure skating from the standpoint of physics with the intent of using the project for a scholarship application (she wants to get into Harvard). While doing the work, she tries to apply it to herself, and finds that she is a remarkably talented skater. Eventually (rather to the initial chagrin of her mother), she turns down admittance to Harvard to pursue skating competitively (she does take college courses elsewhere). Meanwhile, her coach's daughter (rather to the initial chagrin of her mother) decides to give up skating competitively and go to college. Nothing earthshaking here, but good, clean entertainment that a Christian family can enjoy together.


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