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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Feeding Frenzy

October 17th, 2005

That was the name of our latest teen activity, held this past Saturday. We divided the kids into teams, and sent each team out with an adult driver. The teams had a list of food items from particular restaurants that they had to eat. The first team back having completed all of the assignments won. Naturally, I stress to the drivers on events like these that they are supposed to keep it all legal. Items on the assignment list included bourbon chicken from the only cajun place in town, a slice of pizza with ranch dressing on every bite, and something that lives under the water (other than shrimp) from any Chinese place in town. The kids had a great time. Evangelist Funchess gave the challenge after the teams returned. One of the moms who came and wound up going along with one of the teams (her daughters had come to our bowling outing) responded to the invitation, needing help with assurance of salvation. Keep this family in prayer; they attend a Lutheran church, and I'm frankly not sure that any of them are saved.

Last night I attended a wake for the father of one of my co-workers at the bookstore. My co-worker is younger than I am, and her father's death was sudden and came as quite a surprise to the family. She's a pretty tough person, but this is very hard on her. Again, I doubt that anyone in the family, except possibly the mother, is saved. My heart goes out to this shocked and saddened family. I wish we could do more for them, since they're going to be in very difficult financial straits. I left the girl with a tract with my phone number written on the back, and told her that if there's anything we can do to help to call at any time.


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