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Sunday, May 13, 2007

What a Mother's Day gift

Apparently Mother's Day weekend is a pretty popular time to get married. There was a power outage here in Burgaw the other night, and when we walked out to see what had happened, we found a local florist who had seen the accident which caused it. She explained that this was a terrible time for a power outage -- she had three weddings this weekend to supply flowers for, along with the usual Mother's Day rush.

Well, my oldest niece, down in GA, apparently had the same notion as those three young ladies. So we dashed down to Augusta yesterday for the wedding, then back up here afterward (about 11 hours total drive).

The trip went pretty smoothly, the wedding was lovely (I gave the opening prayer, somewhat spontaneously, since I didn't find out until we pulled up that I'd be doing it), the bride was radiant -- the usual for a Christian wedding. Her new husband is, as I understand it, headed for TX for Air Force flight school. Our best wishes go with them.

Maybe if I get to check in later, I'll talk about our Mother's Day.


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