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Monday, May 07, 2007

Whew. I have got to find a songleader.

Well, my first Sunday of doing it all myself is now over. And it took a long time to be over.

Pastor Gibbs was out of town, preaching a homecoming for an old friend, so that gave me a taste of what the ministry here at Bible Baptist of Burgaw can entail on a Sunday.

I met the bus crews to see them off about 7 a.m. Went back home to gather my things for the services and help my wife and daughter get ready. Then the marathon truly began.

I led the singing (our songleader is MIA), made the announcements, taught the adult Sunday School lesson, got the choir ready, led the singing, directed the choir, made the announcements, sang both with a trio and did a solo, preached the morning sermon, and gave the invitation (I barely escaped playing the piano during the offering). Then we went out to eat with some folk from the church and some of their family. Then it was back home to finish up Sunday night's message. And on back to the church to set up for choir, practice with the trio, lead choir practice, lead the men's prayer time. Then the service started, and I again led the singing, gave the announcements, directed the choir, sang with the trio, preached the message, and gave the invitation. Then we went out to Hardee's afterward, as is our custom, to fellowship with some church folk and be available in a casual environment for folk to talk to me and ask questions. We probably left about 9:30 p.m. or so. I can scarcely express how tired my voice and mind were.

By the way, I don't do those things because I love being the center of attention. Actually, I still get stage fright pretty often, and I hate putting myself forward. I sure don't like a service that looks like (cue music!) "The Dan Robelen Variety Hour." But when there are things to be done, people just naturally look for the guy who has the squishy chair in the office.

At least now I can sleep in a bit Monday and take care of family things instead of going in for a 16-hour day at the newspaper.

Okay, to be honest, I do already miss the paper a bit. But man, I don't miss going into a Monday and Tuesday at the paper after even a part of the load from yesterday's church services.


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