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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ambassador Baptist Bible College ensemble visit

Boy, it's so easy to fall behind on one of these. I'll think of things I ought to mention in the blog, but by the time I actually get to sit down for a few minutes, there's such a heap that I've forgotten half of them. Of course, the forgetting thing comes pretty naturally, however small a heap of whatever I'm trying to remember there is.

This past Sunday, a men's quartet from Ambassador Baptist Bible College came to sing for the church. That works out in a lot of ways; they took my Sunday School class, which meant I only had to prepare for one message on Saturday and Sunday (it's a bear getting ready for two full-length messages/lessons while working as much as I do). They're also not bad as a singing/preaching group. Not only that, but I had a lot of friends who went there a few years ago, and there is just enough overlap that some of these guys knew some of them.

But the kicker is that one of them turns out to be from the exact same tiny little Minnesota town as my wife! They never lived there at the same time, I think, but they knew so many of the same people and places. And they ran into each other in a tiny little SE North Carolina town, of all places.


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