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Friday, May 11, 2007

Fulfer family

It's a small world.

Back when my wife and I were in Pensacola, with me in seminary, her working for the school, and us poor as dirt, our car broke down. It needed a medium-level repair -- a couple hundred dollars, probably, at a normal shop. But a half-Philippino young man who worked for the school's bus garage fixed it for us for the cost of the part and a few bucks on the side, so we were able to keep on carrying scads of kids to church in our station wagon.

I'd pretty much forgotten about the fellow, Alan Fulfer, and his brother Alex, with whom I played basketball occasionally, I think.

Then Wednesday night, we had a missionary come to the church -- and it turned out to be their dad. He's still a missionary in Subic Bay in the Philippines, running a children's home for the thousands of orphans and street children there. Quite a work he's already done, and continues to do. It looks like our church is going to at least contribute to the construction of a dormitory (most of their buildings were destroyed by storms, and prior to that, by a volcano erruption, as I understand it), and we may take them on for support.


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