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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My kingdom for a CDL!

Well, okay, so my kingdom probably ain't worth a CDL. But I'd give a couple of church pews -- how's that?

Sunday morning, I got to church about 7 a.m. to see one of our bus crews off. These guys have a load of dedication -- out every Saturday visiting their route, then at the church at 7 on Sunday morning to run it. (Shucks, you can't get most people out of bed in time for a 9:45 S.S. or 11 a.m. morning service!) Unfortunately, one person on the crew didn't show up. The driver. We had no notice until I called his house and found that he wasn't just running late -- he wasn't coming.

We had a plan B. The church songleader is a professional truck driver, and he's ridden the route before. But he's been MIA for a few months now.

Down to plan C (see, we're not totally haphazard here.) Plan C is the regular driver for the other route (which uses a van). We could have him drive the bus, and send someone else with the van on that route. Unfortunately, he has bronchitis. Since we were desperate, I called him anyhow. And caught him on the way to work -- he was on call this weekend, and they called him in too, in spite of the bronchitis.

So we were only able to send out the van on one of the routes. Very frustrating. We've got a couple of possible solutions circulating, but all of them will take months to implement in full. Time to do some praying, I suppose.


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